Ryan became involved in directing through writing fight choreography in his shows at Belmont because of his knowledge in boxing. When it came time to write his thesis in the honors college, he was granted permission for a "creative thesis" and after much deliberation decided to create his own theatre company to direct.

He recalled his first semester's frustration of being told he couldn't act on campus unless he was majoring in it. Later he would find he wasn't allowed to share the stage with theatre majors because he was majoring in musical theatre. To rectify this, he started the first student theatre company at Belmont: BUST (Belmont University Student Theatre).

Inspired by the Lisa Howe controversy at Belmont, he decided Diana Son's "Stop Kiss" would set the perfect tone for what his theatre's purpose would be. Belmont needed to have an open dialogue about sexuality; and it needed to allow theatre majors, musical theatre majors, and (most importantly) non-majors the opportunity to be involved in the theatre.

Ryan directed and produced the fully student driven show. Word got out and every show was sold out. He is honored to say that the theatre company still exists today, and continues to deliver sold out performances year round to a highly involved student body.


Since moving to NYC, Ryan has put directing on hold in order to focus on his acting career. He waits in anticipation to his next opportunity that is presented or created of his own accord.